Who is the "KAP-Team.de"?

Ralf Beutnagel:

My home is in Brunswick, and for more than 20 years I have been an active KAPer. In my childhood I
built and flew model airplanes, flew kites and took photos. Nevertheless, it was some time before I
combined all 3 hobbies. At the end of the 1980s I created my first aerial snapshot photo of a model
cable railway.

For the most part, I develop and build my equipment myself. The Maxi-Dopero and KAP-Foil are
creations from my workshop, as are detailed solutions for KAP aerials and picavet suspensions. The
impetus for new developments comes directly from my KAP sessions.

My aim is the perfect aerial photo, and I try not to be limited photographically by the basic technical
configuration of my rig.

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Wolfgang Bieck:

In winter 1987/88, I laid the foundation for 23 years of kite aerial photography (KAP) by sewing a
Multiflare according to plans of Wolfgang Schimmelpfennig, and building a functioning camera
suspension with important tips of Michael Haugrund from Uelzen. My first personal contact with many
kite aerial photographers from all over the world came on the occasion of the centennial birthday of
kite aerial photography in Labrugière in the South of France, when the "museum Arthur Batut" was

Since then the kite aerial photography continues to enrich my life every year, with my photographic
results, travelling for more KAP experiences, and above all the acquaintance and even friendship with
like-minded people. The friendly community in our KAP team and its common activities also promise
the chance to discover the beauty of our world from the perspective of Nils Holgersson. Perhaps
these simple web pages may help you discover this miraculous hobby for yourself!

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Matthias Grimm:

I started with photography at the age of 14 years, during my school time. In 2004 I began with kite
flying. The wish to connect these both hobbies brought me to the kite aerial photography in 2006.

My first aerial pictures were created with my first rig, still without video control. But since then, this
style of photography does not satisfy me any more. Constant progress and improvements in the
technology have allowed me to achieve the aerial photos which were previously just ideas in my head.
My aim is to get at least 1 good aerial photo during every KAP session. If I can do that, then the effort
has been worthwhile.

As an alternative I use the pole aerial photography for aerial pictures taken up to 8m high.

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Andreas Napravnik:

I began with photography as a child.

As a kite flyer, the combination of photography and kite interested me. Then in 2003 I began to hang
cameras on a kite line. The initial promising results created a desire for more.

Since then the technology has developed and improved steadily.

I received the third place at the final of the Japan Aerial Photography Contest 2008.

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